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A message from Cesar Mendes Junior, CEO of BRCENTERS

Dear reader,

I start this message with a suggestion, if you liked BRCENTERS know how easy it is to invest in one of our Malls. Just access CONTACTS, click on the INVISTA NO BRCENTERS tab and send us a message, which we will contact you shortly.

This tool was developed to help BRCENTERS Clients, Partners and Investors to have a quick and accurate answer on any subject. If you have land, for example, and would like to make it available for a BRCENTER, we will be happy to do a feasibility study and, if approved, you can become one of our investors.

It is also possible to have a good perception of our objectives, mission, values and philosophy in the A BRCENTERS tab. Our PRODUCTS and SERVICES are listed in the COMMERCIAL tab, with a focus and emphasis on the development and participation of Commercial Enterprises.

In OUR MALLS you will realize that it will be permanently under construction and reconstruction. This is because BRCENTERS has been in full expansion since the beginning of its activities in 2017.

Due to the youth of our joint operations, which culminated in BRCENTERS, my partners and I were careful to create a temporary link containing a portfolio of our services, in order to show our experience, especially for the COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES, which I have real passion.

Another relevant piece of information was the creation of BRCONSTRUÇÕES in 2019. We started a construction company focused on COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS that was born with the objective of developing new low-cost construction technologies for our Projects.

Soon, I hope to meet you at a BRCENTER having unique experiences together.


Cesar Mendes Junior